Parents calling book on shelf of local high school “pornographic, sexually explicit”

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-16 18:23:47-04

Currituck County, NC - Parents in Currituck County are working to get a book that contains sexually explicit language removed from Currituck County High School's library.

The title—“A Bad Boy can be Good for a Girl.”

In it, passages like this one—“He starts unbuttoning my top, one button, then two, three, four.”

The rest of the chapter entitled “Pizza and Beer” is too sexually explicit to put on TV.

It details an entire illicit encounter between a 9th grade girl and a high school senior boy in his pick-up truck while underage drinking.

This book can be found on the shelf of the library at Currituck County High School, and now one parent is fighting to get it removed.

Elissa Cooper wrote a letter to the members of the school board in Currituck, asking them to look at the issue at their next meeting.

She cites Currituck County's high pregnancy rate, 14th in the state of North Carolina, along with the latest string of Currituck teachers accused of having sexual relations with students, as to why books like this should not be on school shelves.

The Currituck County school superintendent would not comment to NewsChannel 3 on camera, but school board members say that the book was first approved by the high school's media and technology committee, as well as a district media advisory committee.

All five school board members in Currituck would not go on camera either, saying they are withholding comment on the book until their September board meeting.