Taking action to prevent animal cruelty in Virginia Beach

Posted at 2:04 PM, Aug 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-16 14:07:17-04

Virginia Beach, Va. – ‘Let’s Stop Animal Cruelty’ will be presented by Girl Scout Troop 764 at the SPCA located near Holland Road this Saturday in Virginia Beach.

The Girl Scout Troop members are working on their Silver Award, and are asking for the public’s support in sharing information on animal cruelty.

The troop wishes to spread the word on this community event. The Girl Scouts believe pets are family members too, and they are working to make sure they are treated with care, says Valencya Gooden, Girl Scout.

The Girl Scouts are asking for the following donations:

Animal Care Supplies

Purina One Cat & Kitten Food Kitten

Non-clumping litter

Heating Pads (NOT automatic shutoff)

Cat Food

Hot Dogs (for administering dog medications)

Hamster/Gerbil Food

Wild Bird Seed

Duck Mash

Cracked Corn

Dog & Cat Toys (hard toys, not stuffed for sanitary reasons)

Peanut Butter


Baby Wipes (non alcohol based) Seventh Generation

Nebulizers (needed for both domestic animals and wildlife)

Cat Scratchers

Financial contributions for KITTEN & PUPPY FORMULA. (Cost is approx. $10 per can.)

Cleaning Supplies


Laundry Detergent Method or Seventh Generation

Dish Soap Method or Seventh Generation

Glass Cleaner Method or Seventh Generation

Hand Soap Method or Seventh Generation

Baby Wipes (Biodegradable)

Hand Sanitizer

Heavy Duty Scrub Brushes

Paper Towels

Clinic and Medical Supplies

Anti-bacterial Soap

Distilled Water

Ziploc Bags

Saline Eye Wash

Cotton Tip Applicators

Gauze Squares

Hand Sanitizer Method

Large Disposable Latex Gloves

Feline Pine or Yesterday News kitty litter

Thermoplastic scraps (used for making splints – need one inch strips or wider for wildlife use)

Office Supplies

Staplers (heavy duty)


Paper Recycled Multi-Purpose

Avery 5160 Labels



Maintenance Supplies


Bolt Cutters


Duct Tape

230 Volt Extension Cord

Welding Gloves

Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Climbing Harness

Heavy Duty Push Broom

Soaker hoses

A-frame and extension ladders

Hurricane Preparedness Supplies

Collapsible Metal Crates (Large)

Distilled Water


Batteries, especially size D

Radios (Battery Operated or Crank)

Hip Waders



Bungee Cords

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Galoshes/Boots, various sizes


Air Mattresses

Prepaid Gas cards (to buy gas for generators)

Walkie Talkies


Reusable sandbags

Jumper cables

Additional Items


Gently used linens (towels, washclothes, blankets)

Shredded paper (no cross shreddies)


Empty tissue/cereal/cracker boxes for small animals

Empty papertowel/toilet paper rolls

Empty soda cans

Empty prescription bottles with caps

For more information, Click Here.