Crooks tag Suffolk man’s moped

Posted at 11:44 PM, Aug 30, 2013

Suffolk, Va. - Thieves tagged Ronnie Deloatch's moped after they swiped 30 fishing rods from the Suffolk man's shed.

"I feel like I was violated by someone coming in my yard," Deloatch said. "You see Sunday, someone came in my yard and stole my bike. I had a bicycle back here. They stole that."

Deloatch came back from work Wednesday to find a pair of rusty scissors and a bread knife near his moped. Neither of which were strong enough to cut through a cord he had to lock the moped in. Instead, the thieves decided to tag the moped.

Deloatch's 94-year-old dad gave him the 30 fishing poles.

A few more fishing poles were left behind and the thieves broke those. NewsChannel 3 talked to Deloatch Friday evening, a rare moment where the 55-year-old isn't either at work or with family on the water.

"You notice by the boats out here this is all we do is fishing," Deloatch said. "I have three more brothers so we all fishing."

Deloatch doesn't have any thoughts on whether it's better to give a man a fish or teach him how to. He just wishes the thieves would respect the golden rule and give him back his fishing poles.