Changes made to bus schedule after mom becomes concerned about kids crossing busy street

Posted at 6:20 PM, Sep 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-04 18:20:04-04

Norfolk, Va. – A Norfolk mother became concerned when she thought three of her children would be taking the bus to school. Instead, only one caught the bus and the other two had to walk. Now Norfolk Public Schools has made changes to their bus schedule. 

Shaunte Redmond lives in the Oakleaf neighborhood in Norfolk. She says her three children previously attended Campostella Elementary School.

The school is now being renovated and the kids have been moved to different schools.

That means her oldest child will now have to ride the bus instead of walking. She also thought her first graders would take a bus to Berkley Early Childhood Center, but she found out yesterday that there was no bus.

Elizabeth Mather with Norfolk Public Schools says that although younger students were moved to Berkley, they are still within the city’s walking zone.

After seeing the confusion on Tuesday and hearing the concerns of parents who don’t want their children crossing a busy intersection every morning, school officials say they've changed their minds.

"The transportation department is working through that right now. And we are working to get a bus assigned and a driver or two buses, if necessary,  or two drivers," says Mather.

That bus route will be ready to go on Monday officials say. They realize that with the recent changes, some kinks will need to be worked out.

If any other parents have concerns about transportation, they are encouraged to contact Norfolk Public Schools.