Man arrested for string of car break-ins in Elizabeth City

Posted at 1:21 PM, Sep 04, 2013

Elizabeth City, NC - For weeks, cars in Elizabeth City have been broken into on seemingly random streets and days, ten altogether.

Now, after a lengthy investigation Elizabeth city police say they have arrested a suspect.

They`ve charged, 21-year-old Kirk Cepavicious, Jr.

According to court paperwork, he can't find a job and hasn't had one for four years.

Along with breaking and entering charges, Cepavicious also faces several misdemeanor larceny charges.

According to court paperwork, among the items taken from the cars was a GPS, iPod, wallet, and car chargers.

Several of the cars didn't have anything valuable inside. Victims say the suspect was able to seize opportunities.

The window to this jeep was unzipped while the owners were on vacation.

Someone was able to slip another car with broken locks. And at other homes, people forgot to lock their car doors.

The incidents all happened on different days over a several week period, starting at the end of July and going right up until a few days before his arrest at the end of last week

Victims tell NewsChannel 3  that police already returned some of their stolen items.

One victim says his checkbook was returned the same day it was taken.

Police have not said what led them to Cepavicious, but one victim says a neighbor spotted someone stashing stolen items behind a vacant house after hearing a car alarm go off.

Another victim says a glove was found in her car.

Whatever led police to him, victims say they're relieved to know someone is now facing charges.

He was taken to Albemarle District Jail where he remains under a $12,500 secured bond.