New charges for man accused in Norfolk barber’s murder

Posted at 11:23 PM, Sep 04, 2013

Norfolk, Va. - Henry McIntosh was shot and killed by a robber inside his barbershop three and a half years ago. Now the man accused in his murder is facing charges.

On Wednesday, his accused murderer was indicted on murder charges in Norfolk court.

Police say Bernard Kearney broke into the Square Deal Barbershop and shot and killed McIntosh.

Along Church Street, McIntosh was affectionately called, "Mr. Mac." His shop was the social epicenter of the community there, and he's remembered for his role as the godfather of the neighborhood.

"A lot of people put this neighborhood down, but there are a lot of hard working people and they just needed a break. And Mr. Mac gave it to them," said Denise Grey

"He was a very good guy. He treated people nice. He tried to do things for people," said Raymond Harris, McIntosh's former neighbor.

It's his legacy that the McIntosh family vowed to keep going. They reopened the barber shop, knowing it's what Mr. Mac would have wanted.

"He'll be greatly missed," said his son, Henry McIntosh, Jr. back in April 2010. "I can't fill his shoes, but I'm going to come at least half way."


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