Chespeake father arrested for shooting son in leg

Posted at 12:04 AM, Sep 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-13 06:14:41-04

Chesapeake, Va. - It was a family dispute that got way out of hand. 48-year-old Jesse Negrete is now behind bars after Chesapeake Police say he shot his son, 25-year-old Chase Negrete.

Neighbors say Jesse fired off five or six rounds outside of his South Lake Circle home around 11 Monday night.

But Jesse’s mom, Milah Negrete says there's much more to the story. Milah says it was her grandson, Chase, who instigated the whole thing.

"Chase just snapped and there are knife marks in the hallway up the stairs and he pulled a knife on his dad," Milah says.

Upstairs and in a fit of rage, Milah says Chase accidentally hit his 3-year-old little sister who was caught in the middle.

"When my son saw that, he went ballistic,” Milah says. “He said, 'Mom, I just blacked out.'"

Shoving Chase out the front door, Milah says Jesse took out a gun and fired at his son's truck.

"He said 'I shot his tire and I guess when I shot the tire it grazed his leg,'" she says.

About five minutes after hearing those gunshots across the street, neighbor Jim Wisenburg says someone started banging on his front door.

"He’s standing there going like this,” Wisenburg says. “He didn't have no shirt on and he said 'Call police, call police.' and I said why? He said, 'Well, my dad just shot me.'”

Wisenburg says he stayed with Chase until an ambulance got there. He was transported to Norfolk General Hospital.

Neighbors say it's not something they will soon forget.

Police say Jesse Negrete was not at the scene when police got there Monday, but turned himself in Thursday afternoon.

Officers say Chase had a minor bullet wound on his leg from the gunshot. Milah says he is out of the hospital.