Dog triggers home security system, saves owner’s life

Posted at 9:25 PM, Sep 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-27 21:25:11-04

Oakdale, CT (WFSB) — A woman from Oakdale said her 8-year-old German Shepherd saved her life this summer, when she was having a choking episode.

“She’s my girl,” said Candace Lines about her German Shepherd named Samantha. “She’s a mommy saver.”

In July, while eating a chicken dinner, Lines said a piece got lodged in her throat.

“I was gasping for air because my airways was all clogged up,” Lines said.

Lines said she couldn’t talk. She pointed to Samantha and then to her security alert device on a table.

The dog, while bringing the device to her in her mouth, triggered the alarm, installed by Rhode Island-based Alliance Security, which alerted the monitoring company.

The company immediately called Lines over the wall mounted unit in the living room, but she still couldn’t speak. However, Samantha did for her with a fierce bark.

“They knew it wasn’t a fake bark, it was actually going on,” Lines said.

First responders arrived and took Lines to the local hospital. On Friday, she said she is glad she and her husband put in an alarm. And even more thankful for her alert pet.

“Like I said if we didn’t get it, and like the ambulance guy said I probably would have lost my life,” Lines said. “You know I was laying on the floor when they found me.”

Lines said that’s the second time the dog has come to her aid. The first time, three years ago she fell in the backyard. Samantha kept barking until a neighbor found her.