How will the shutdown affect people in Hampton Roads?

Posted at 11:48 AM, Sep 30, 2013
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How will the shutdown affect the military, contractors and federal workers in Hampton Roads?

What’s closed, what’s open?

Navy support services impacted by the government shutdown

The Military:

- Military paychecks will not be delayed.

- Temporary Duty Travel will be cancelled.

- Deployments overseas will still continue, but some units might not be able to come home on time.

- Mess Halls, fitness centers and daycares will stay open through a shutdown, but commissaries will be closed after remaining open one day to reduce the number of perishable items on hand.

- Promotion boards will be cancelled.

- Death gratuity payments to fallen service members would be delayed.

- Elective surgeries at all DOD medical and dental facilities will not take place, but inpatient care for active duty and TRICARE for families will continue.

-While the commissaries will be closed, exchanges will stay open. This is because of the way they are funded. Commissaries depend on a government subsidy every year, appropriated by Congress, to give military and retirees groceries at below-wholesale prices. Exchanges do not get any funding from Congress. They operate off of what they make in sales, called "Working Capital Funds," so they are not subject to a government shutdown.

The package stores and gas stations on base are also run by the exchanges, so they will stay open.

Defense Department contractors:

- If your contract was started and paid for prior to the shutdown, then you can continue to work.

- If your contract starts as of Oct. 1st, or needed to be renewed for continued funding Oct. 1, then you will not be able to work.

Retired Military: 

Retired military pay comes through once a month. So, everyone was paid on Tuesday, October 1, but if the shutdown lasts through the end of the month, next month's pay will be delayed.


The Department of Veterans Affairs said if the shutdown continues into late October, it will run out of money for compensation and pension checks to more than 3.6 million veterans who rely on the money to support themselves.

Veteran information regarding government shutdown

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