Navy support services impacted by the government shutdown

Posted at 10:26 AM, Oct 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-01 10:36:49-04

The following information is from Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads, regarding services during the Government Shutdown:

Child Care and Youth Centers: All CYP programs at installations will be open for business as usual, including Region support for Resource & Referral and Child Development Homes.

Fleet and Family: Family Readiness Counseling and Support Services necessary to respond to emergency situations to ensure safety of life, e.g., SAPR, FAP, and Clinical Counseling) will be open for business as usual.

NEX: Open for business as usual.

GALLEY: All Installation Galley operations will be open for business as usual.

DECA: Stateside commissaries, including Alaska and Hawaii, will be open for a full business day on Oct. 1 to reduce the amount of perishables on-hand before beginning a systematic closure process to account for unsold products and secure facilities.

MWR Fitness Facilities: All Fitness programs at Installations will be open for business as usual, as Fitness is exempt from shutdown. This includes gyms, fitness centers and programs, year-round aquatics (indoor pools), sports, and intramural sports.

MWR Entertainment/Business Activities (i.e. MWR catering and Food services, Golf Courses, Bowling Centers, Marinas): Will operate at installations dependent upon customer demand and ICO approval, as all employees associated with operations of these programs are NAF, and thus exempt from furlough.

Other MWR services (ITT, Auto Shop, Impound lots, Sailing Center, etc): Will operate at Installations dependent upon customer demand and ICO approval.

Security – DoN Police Officers are exempt and will continue providing emergency response, patrols and entry control. No Pass and ID services will be available. Background checks will not be provided. No security administrative services. Delays in equipment repairs (such as LENEL) will require call back.

Fire – No impact for emergency response services, however, support services will be delayed or interrupted as a result of furloughed fire prevention inspectors.

Safety – Expect safety support personnel to be furloughed. This will impact preparations for safety inspections and audits. Permits for confined space entry or hot work will be delayed and require call back. Safety Loading Officer support will not be readily available to support ordnance handling evolutions and will require call back.

Public Works: Emergency calls for facilities maintenance and utilities will be accepted, however FMSs (link between tenant building monitors and the PWD) will be unavailable. FMSs will have directions in their out of office to direct issues to the appropriate contacts to address emergencies.

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