PHOTO: Man spotted mowing lawn outside Lincoln Memorial

Posted at 3:45 PM, Oct 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-09 15:45:41-04

WASHINGTON — A man, armed with a lawnmower and a South Carolina state flag, was spotted mowing the lawn in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday afternoon.

With lawmakers debating over the government shutdown, the man took it upon himself to make sure the lawn was mowed outside one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.

CBS Washington identified the ‘Memorial Mower’ as Chris Cox, of South Carolina, who said he is not motivated by political reasons, but rather because he feels obligated to help as veterans prepare descend on the nation’s capital for this weekend’s Million Vet March.

Cox said he is the lone member of the ‘Memorial Militia,’ and he is on a mission to clean up the National Mall. The man brought other landscaping tools, prepared and ready to help the government during the shutdown, including cleaning up a fallen branch near the reflecting pool.

According to the Weekly Standard, police were alerted and several officers responded to the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday. The man was asked to leave the property and he complied.

According to the report, no arrests were made.

Sally, who lives in Washington, took the photo Wednesday morning on her way to work. A similar photo was posted to Reddit earlier today and is the top post as of 2 p.m.