“Operation Shower” honors expectant military moms

Posted at 12:20 PM, Oct 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-10 12:20:28-04

Expectant military moms were honored with a special baby shower at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

The gifts were donated by a charity based in St. Louis.

Whether they are new moms, or moms in waiting, this "all star" baby shower proved to be a winner for 40 women in the St. Louis area from military families.

"I've kind of been holding back tears 'cause it is just so exciting. I wasn't expecting all of this."

A not-for-profit St. Louis-based group, Operation Shower, and its corporate sponsors marked the 40th baby shower for military moms, this one at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

The effort to thank young military families for their sacrifice began six years ago in Leann Morrissey's Clayton, Missouri basement.

"This is amazing."

"We want it to be a baby shower as if your best friend was giving you a baby shower."

Many of these women are managing on their own right now with spouses deployed overseas. But the military is working to be sure that they feel a part of a very big family.

Alisha Stockman's husband is overseas and won't be home until after their second child is born.

"To see that other people care, it's nice to know that other people really do care, and to have that support when your backbone is not here."

"It coincides with what's going on with the government shutdown, and it just provides a little bit of that extra relief during the incredibly challenging, challenging time and unknowns that we have."

Relief that has made a big difference in the morale of 1,700 military families around the country.

Operation Shower