Sonogram shows tiny elephant trunk

Posted at 7:07 AM, Oct 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-10 07:07:29-04

(CNN) – Seven months of pregnancy down, 15 to go.

That’s the good news the Oklahoma City Zoo shared publicly after an ultrasound and other tests confirmed their 18-year-old Asian elephant, Ahsa, is pregnant. The average gestation for elephants is 22 months, the zoo wrote in a press release.

“It looks like a unicorn,” posted one of the zoo’s Facebook fans after viewing the photo.

“So much better than a unicorn,” the zoo replied.

“How wonderful!” posted fan Amanda Lenzo. “I’m glad I’m not an elephant. I’m five months with my first. I am impatient with my nine months. I couldn’t imagine 22 months. I think i know what i will be planning for my daughter’s first bday….maybe a zoo trip.”

This is the the second pregnancy for Asha. Her first calf, Malee, was born two years ago, the zoo reported.

The father is a 43-year-old named Rex, who is from the African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario. He has sired five offspring previously, according to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

“Asha has proved to be a great mother — she’s diplomatic, setting boundaries when she should while giving Malee the appropriate freedom to explore,” said Nick Newby, the zoo’s pachyderm supervisor.