Scammers pretend to be chief of police to trick consumers

Posted at 7:08 PM, Oct 15, 2013

Police want people to be aware of a scam that in some cases, people are calling pretending to be the chief of police in order to swindle away your money.

Detectives traced a call to an unidentified telemarketing line from a 206 area code.

Beach police say people are also getting calls from folks posing as IRS agents.

The so-called agents are telling people they owe back taxes and could be arrested if they don't pay the balance.

Then they tell them to buy a Green Dot Money Card, put money on it, and send them the authorization number.

The scam artist tells them if they refuse, a member of the Virginia Beach Police Department will come to arrest them.

The police will never call asking for that kind of personal information over the phone.

They certainly don't work with federal departments as a collection agency.