Scam Alert: People lose money after scammers pretend to be community charity

Posted at 7:37 PM, Oct 17, 2013

Next time you think about doing business with a company you don't know much about, keep this story in mind.

Dozens of people ended up losing money in this scam disguised as a community charity.

“Where are the t-shirts?” asked Dr. Akbar Jafferally.

Dr. Jafferally is asking a logical question after the family dentist lost hundreds of dollars in a scam involving t-shirts. He contributed $450 dollars to advertise on the back of t-shirts for the local middle school.

“I said that was a great thing. I`m trying to give back and advertise my office,” says Dr. Jafferally.

The doctor waited, and waited but never saw the t-shirts.

“It would take us 12 attempts before someone would actually get on the phone, then when they did get on the phone that person was not there, he`s not there,” says Jafferally.

Postal inspectors learned there were more than 30 complaints against this company with similar issues.

“Speaking with the small businesses, they were very disappointed and then they became very frustrated trying to do business with the t-shirt production company,” says Stephanie Harden, US Postal Inspector.

Dr. Jafferally has still never received the t-shirts and the company is still in operation.

“I would really like to get a refund back and for all of the other people who have been hurt. They should get their money back, because we all wake up every day to earn a hard honest living. They need to be shut down yesterday,” says Jafferally.

Postal inspectors say the t-shirt company TKO has signed a cease and desist order.

Whether you are buying t-shirts for your next family reunion or to advertise your business, postal inspectors recommend you thoroughly research the company and check the local better business bureau before making any purchases.