Currituck roadside family farm stand on honor system robbed

Posted at 11:21 PM, Oct 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-18 23:21:24-04

Currituck, N.C. - Ginger Snowden and her brother John have a small family farm stand, off Maple Road.

Their grandfather bought the 34 acres in Currituck County back in 1940. For Ginger, who lost her job in 2011, it's not just her passion. It's her livelihood.

"It’s here for the community,” Ginger says. “It’s here for anybody who needs it."

"We’ve told them just keep tally,” John Snowden says. “When they get paid, they come back and pay us. That’s what the honor system is about."

Wednesday night that honor system was taken advantage of.

"It had a handful of change in it,” John says. “A couple of dollars."

Not only were they robbed, but their stand was damaged. Their money box was nailed to the corner post.

"Somebody used brute force to rip that pole out," Ginger says. "If you need money, tell me. I will give you what you need."

"Whoever stole this didn't steal from us,” John says. “They stole from our family, our neighbors, and our friends, because that's the people who shop with us."

Ginger and John have since fixed the stand. They say it will be much harder to steal from them.

"Once we get it mounted, you're going to have to take that whole stand if you want the box," Ginger says.

But since the theft, Ginger and John say the generosity has poured in. Ginger says she's found money left anonymously and notes with well wishes.

"I was doing deliveries yesterday and I have notes on my envelopes- 'we hope they catch the people who did this,'" she says.

In their time of need, the community they serve is now giving back.

"It just shows you that there's still humanity in this world and that people care about other people,” Ginger says. “With everything going on today, it just shows you the humanity of people."