York County: Do away with SOLs

Posted at 11:37 PM, Oct 28, 2013

The SOLS may be "S.O.L". That's if the York County School Board gets its way.

"We found we were teaching to the test too much versus what do they need to know to be successful."

Monday night, the school board signed off on a resolution asking state leaders in Richmond to do away with Virginia's Standards of Learning.

A standardized test given to students in Virginia schools throughout their academic lives.

"The SOLs stress out parents, too," said Pamelia Watts, a parent. "The teachers, the kids, they're like I've got to pass this thing."

York County is not alone. Nearly one in four schools in the Commonwealth has put forth similar objections to the SOLs and are asking the state to find a new way to tackle testing.

The problem is, so far, none of the big school districts have made a fuss. None of the districts in Hampton Roads have, nor have any in densely populated Northern Virginia.

The other issue, while the five people on the York County School Board want to rid Virginia of the SOLs, finding an alternative isn't as easy.

Standardized testing makes winners and losers, and creates a set criteria for schools to be easily assessed by the state.

"I'm not saying we take away the accountability piece but look at different ways to hold school divisions accountable," Watts said.