Norfolk couple recounts night they were beaten, had throats cut with knife

Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-31 06:55:20-04

Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk police say a Crime Line tip led to the arrest of Jesse Bishop. They say he attacked an elderly couple that he was living with over money.

That couple, Chuck and Bobbie Howe, described the horrific attack.

"Do I have any love for him left? No, there's no love for him left. There's no caring for him left,” says Bobbie Howe.

Anger and hatred are two of the words Bobbie used to describe how she feels towards Bishop.

A man, she says, she welcomed into her home over two years ago and loved like her own son.

"I know it says in the Bible that you can't hate somebody and still go to heaven, but it's going to take a long time for me to be able to say, OK, I forgive him," says Bobbie.

Police say the attack happened on October 17.

Bobbie and Chuck say Bishop started beating on them with a walking stick.

Then, she says, he cut their throats with a butcher knife.

She says Bishop went after her husband first and when she tried to stop him, he went after her, too.

"I think truly what he was trying to do was he was going to kill my husband, have me watch to intimidate me so that I would give him whatever he wanted,” explains Bobbie.

The couple says they never saw it coming.

They say Bishop always treated them with respect.

Bobbie says she met him at work and she allowed him to move into their home to help him get his life back on track.

Police originally said Bishop attacked them because Chuck wouldn’t give him his social security check.

The couple says that’s not true, but they do believe Bishop was after the money in their bank account.

"I think that's why he probably tried to do this, kill us and get as much of it as he could before he left us there to die,” says Chuck.

They also believe Bishop was on drugs the night of the attack. That’s because, they say, detectives found drugs in his bedroom.


UPDATE: Man accused of cutting elderly parents’ throats over Social Security check arrested