Kids talk about horrifying experience during fatal school bus accident in Chesapeake

Posted at 6:55 PM, Oct 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-31 18:55:43-04

Chesapeake, Va. - The last thing Jaxon Driscoll remembers from yesterday afternoon is lying in the grass and seeing his classmates, minutes after an SUV crashed into their school bus.

"All the people on the bus were crying and when I woke up everyone was crying," he said.

Then, he looked down.

"They put me in a neck collar or something, and I had blood all over my pants," he told NewsChannel 3.

He and his sister, Llyric, were two of the 25 students aboard the bus when it was turning onto Taylor Road.

Mid-turn, police say 67-year-old Raymond Balser Jr. hit the bus full of children.

"The car hit us and I flipped over a little but it felt like the bus flipped all the way over but it didn't, it just hit us really, really hard," Llyric said.

Balser died at the scene and a cross now stands in his memory.

As for the kids on the bus, most went to the hospital, and were treated for minor injuries.

"It was mayhem. I was greeted by staff at the hospital they told us they weren't letting us in right away because they had to check peoples IDs," their mother, Tinisha Driscoll told NewsChannel 3.

And when she finally got in...

"There were kids everywhere. There were literally kids in stretchers in the hallways, they were everywhere, coming in, hospital personnel keep checking kids in. They were everywhere," she added.

Her son walked away with cuts, bruises and a sprained ankle. Her daughter has a stiff neck, plus a fear of riding the bus.

"When we were leaving the hospital, my daughter asks me 'Are you gonna get into an accident on the way home?' And I told her no and she said mommy I don't want to go on the bus anymore," she said.


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