Chesapeake neighbors call for change to intersection after two fatal accidents in two months

Posted at 11:30 PM, Nov 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-01 23:30:35-04

Chesapeake, Va. - There are now two wooden crosses planted near the intersection of Taylor Road and Peppercorn Drive in Chesapeake.

In August, 24-year-old Christopher Bell was killed after losing control of his motorcycle near the intersection. On Wednesday, 67-year-old Raymond Balser Jr. died after T-boning a Chesapeake school bus.

"That road is really dangerous,"says Christa Ross, whose home backs up to Taylor Road. "For some reason I don't know why."

On Thursday Ross placed a cross at the corner for Balser.

"Somebody also needs to remember the person who died," Ross says. "What’s important is that nobody else dies here."

Ross isn't the only one in the Meyer’s Farm neighborhood affected by the tragedies.

Police say alcohol was a factor in Bell's death and speed was a factor in Balser's. Even still, neighbors say something needs to change, whether it's a slower speed limit or possibly a traffic light.

"We’ve seen them pull out here and get hit,” says Kathy Wertz, who lives near the intersection. “Something I hope the city can come up with to make this intersection a lot safer."

Police say the traffic bureau is currently investigating the intersection. But for now, police say, it will remain as is.