VDOT suggests E-ZPass for tunnel tolls

Posted at 7:42 PM, Nov 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-01 19:42:48-04

Starting in February to go through the Midtown Tunnel or the Downtown Tunnel, it’ll cost you $1.84 during peak hours but it could cost you even more if you don’t have an E-ZPass.

VDOT suggests getting an E-ZPass, but that’s something that did not appear to be on the minds of those in Portsmouth.

“I’m not sure how I’m going to budget for the tolls. I may not even be doing to Norfolk or Virginia beach,” says Donise Anderson.

NewsChannel 3 went by the service center in Portsmouth where you can buy an E-ZPass but no one was in line. However, the Chesapeake service center has had a steady flow of customers.

The E-ZPass transponder is free, but you have to put $35 dollars on the corresponding account when you sign up. All that money will go to the tolls. The only charge is 50 cents a month for a maintenance fee.

“We need to have some form of funding for transportation because it is an issue around here so whether it is tolls for the tunnels or the transportation belt. I think we need improvements in transportation so, so you are willing to pay, so I am willing to pay,” says Terry Yates, who was buying an E-ZPass.

And while Terry is willing to pay, not everyone is on board.

“I thought it was ridiculous that we have to pay to go back and forth,” says Donise.

If you don’t have an E-ZPass and you go through the tunnel after February, a picture of your license plate is taken and you’ll be billed. But then, on top of the toll, you’ll have to pay a maintenance fee of up to $3.18, which means during peak hours, it could cost up to $5.00 to use the tunnel.


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