Detours on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk anger confused drivers

Posted at 1:35 PM, Nov 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-04 18:55:02-05

Norfolk, Va. - Drivers on Tidewater Drive were blindsided in rush hour traffic. Detours and unexpected road closures made for a stressful commute.

Norfolk city officials said they would give drivers a heads up about a new traffic pattern, but that didn't happen this time. That heads up didn't come until after the morning drive.

With very little warning - drivers were being detoured from Tidewater Drive through several different neighborhoods in Norfolk as crews repaired the bridge and busy road.

Many drivers became confused Monday morning when they saw the signs about a detour ahead on Tidewater Drive right before the bridge.

Especially since concrete repairs were not supposed to interfere with rush hour traffic, according to the City of Norfolk's online road closure schedule.

To make matters worse, there's no simple way around this work.

"During my morning walk, I all of sudden see all these cars coming through here. I thought, what in the world is going on? Then I saw the detour signs, I looked over the bridge, uh oh, they're doing work on Tidewater Drive."

While there were signs posted through the different subdivisions, like Sunshine Homes and Green Dale Farms, the small streets became jammed this morning.

"It was massive congestion, lots of traffic going through this normally quiet neighborhood."

Frustrating not only to drivers, but a few neighbors in the area, since it seems they got very little notice about the city closing Tidewater Drive.

"Everyone is complaining about the potholes and how the roads are coming apart. We have to realize in order to repair them, sometimes you have to tolerate the inconvenience."

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