Seven-time lotto winner shares secrets to winning

Posted at 5:12 PM, Nov 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-05 17:12:04-05

Richard Lustig is a winner who claims to hold a lot of lotto secrets.

"Just by listening and watching this interview, they're gonna learn a couple of things,” says Lustig.

He's a seven-time winner who first won $10,000 in a scratch off game then went on to win a second, third and even a fourth time!

"It was when I won my fourth grand prize when all of a sudden, duh, a light went off in my head. I said, you know, you've won four lottery grand prizes - no one's ever done that. You're doing something right, you've got a method!” says Lustig.

Richard devised several game-winning methods that he writes about in his best-selling book, "Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery"

But it doesn't involve tricks, like how you go about scratching a scratch-off.

The walls at the Yorktown Service Plaza are plastered with winning names, just like the Shell Station at Smith and Snow Roads where even the clerk dreams of cashing in.

"I would get outta debt, to tell the truth and semi-retire. I like working so I'd probably work a little bit so I keep moving! But I'd love to win!" says Betty Marquard, a Smith & Snow Clerk.

"I was like everybody else, I said, 'Oh wow, the lottery! Buy a lot of tickets, win big money, you know, retire, whatever!'" says Lustig.

Lustig claims his secret method helped him win his fifth and biggest jackpot yet, $842,000 from a game called "Mega Money.”

And to win ball games, like Mega Millions or Powerball, he says you have to pick your own numbers and stick to two rules.

"Number one; don't ever change your numbers, never ever, ever! Don't change your numbers and number two, don't ever miss a draw,” says Lustig.

But if you're more of a scratch-off kind of player, he says don't shop around. Find one game and buy at least ten tickets in a row.

"If you do that, almost every single time you're gonna find a winning ticket in there - most of the times, even two and sometimes three or even four winning tickets in that stretch of ten tickets in a row, you just increased your chances of winning!" says Lustig.

“Alright, so rather than buy ten $10 tickets, we're gonna put this all to the test but we're gonna do ten $1 tickets, come along,” says reporter Mark Zinni.

He didn't strike it rich, but he did win on three out of the ten tickets and made back half of his money, which is better than nothing.

"Even as many times as I've proven my method is real, there's still people out there that don't believe me. They think I'm a rip-off artist or a scam artist or whatever,” says Lustig.

He is, of course, trying to sell a book with several more secrets, but he has a winning record that people of any age can only dream of.

"When you're my age, you know, there's not many outlets left! The women aren't around and the lottery is!" says Edward Gorczyca of Parma Heights.

To learn more about his book, click here.