Could there be snow in Hampton Roads next week?

Posted at 8:47 PM, Nov 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-07 21:50:53-05

Snow in Hampton Roads in mid November? That just doesn't happen.
No, it doesn't usually and it probably won't this time either.


However, several computer forecast models are suggesting we will see a big surge of cold, Canadian air the middle of next week and an area of low pressure with lots of moisture that could bring us a big dose of snow. But a lot could (and probably will) change between now and then.

With longer-range forecast models, small changes in the near term usually result in big changes down the road, That could mean that 30 degree air with snow becomes 50 degree air and cold rain. Or a storm system that looked like it was on track for Hampton Roads affects West Virginia instead.

Also, because it's so early in the season, our water temperatures are still quite warm. The Chesapeake Bay is in the low 60s right now. It'll be very difficult to get accumulating snow near that.

Plus, we're expecting fairly mild air at the start of the week, with temperatures in the 60s. That means ground temperatures will be pretty warm as well.

Bottom line, despite several forecast models that are suggesting wintry weather, the chance of it actually happening is still pretty small.