Steve Harvey gives women advice about men

Posted at 6:17 PM, Nov 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-12 18:17:34-05

NewsChannel 3's Laila Muhammad went to Chicago and sat down with the King of Daytime Talk, Steve Harvey.

He had a little advice for women who are looking for a good man.

“Women just don`t understand how we operate. And I`ve taken it upon myself to kind of help women understand that part about it. And it`s not slamming men at all. There are some good guys out there. You just have to find the right one for you,” he says.

"You come across the guys who need you to be the mother, father, cousin, counselor, psychologist, your best friend. I need you to build me up, I need you to have my back, clean my clothes. What do you do with that kind of man?" asked Laila.

"Well see. Guess what? Women need that too. It`s just that you all can get it in each other. The bad news for us is we can only get that in a woman, which makes it so difficult, don`t it," Steve responded. "Guess what? I need Marjorie to prop me up, to cheer for me, to help me out, to tell me when I'm doing wrong."

"You all have support groups. Something goes wrong 'Girl, I`ll be right over, lets talk about it," laughs Steve. "Men don`t have that. Something goes wrong in my life, I don`t have a friend `Hey man come over lets talk about it.` 'Hey man I have a wife at my house.' I know women get tired of being the all in all. But you all are built differently than men. Your love is all encompassing. Like I said in the book, we show our love in 3 ways: we protect, we profess and we provide. We'll give you a title. We'll protect you at all costs. And we'll bring the money in and you handle it. You all`s love is compassion, communication, caring, sharing, nurturing, healing. You all are all of that., so I`m sorry.

"So I`ve got to get a shirt that says `I`m all of that.'" asked Laila.

"Uh, oh. Don`t give that away on TV. That`s money," said Steve.


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