Wind shift = Big changes

Posted at 1:13 PM, Nov 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-12 14:55:35-05

For days we have been tracking a large “Arctic Cold Front” as it slides down from Canada to the U.S. We talked rain, snow, wind, and cold air. Today, that system moved in but it really all boiled down to a wind shift.

This morning… A cool morning, but not terribly cold for November. We had some sunshine and nice light winds from the southwest. Right around 8am things started to change and it all started as the winds flipped from southwest to northwest. (A “secret” sign that the cold front had moved through)

With the northerly winds, the arctic air behind the front began to flood in. Temperatures started to drop, and will continue to fall into the low 40s this afternoon. Wind speeds began to increase with high wind gusts. We have already seen wind gusts to 40+mph for Oceana, Fentress, CBBT, Kiptopeke, and Norfolk NAS. We will continue to see wind gusts in the 40 mph zone this afternoon and early evening.

We also made mention of a slim snow chance. That is still a possibility. We have a sort of “cat and mouse game” going on between the moisture (rain) and the falling temperatures. The moisture is moving southeast and the colder air is moving in. If the near freezing air “catches” the moisture, we will see snow mixing in. If the moisture “runs faster” than the cold air, we will see all rain showers. Our forecast remains that you may see some flakes mixing in but not enough for accumulation.

Side note: Any real snow that did fall would struggle to stick because of the warm ground temps.

You can track the showers (rain… maybe snow) with the WTKR Interactive Radar