Behind the Scenes: Steve Harvey juggles multiple jobs

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-15 07:51:01-05

NewsChannel 3 is going behind the scenes of the Steve Harvey Show this week.

Steve Harvey says his face is not made for the silver screen, but the hit movie based on his book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" did so well in theaters, Steve is looking forward to the sequel coming out next year.

“Kevin Hart was big in that movie. He`s going to be big in this one, and we`re going to go to Las Vegas this time

“Are you the next Tyler Perry, someone who`s going to have a bunch of movies?” asked Laila.

“Oh no. I don`t have that skill set that Tyler has. I`m not a great silver screen actor. I understand exactly who I am,” says Steve. "I make my money in that small box. That`s where I`ve earned the majority of my living and that`s where I`m going to stay."

Steve has found his niche as a talk show host. It's the culmination of the many hats he's worn.

Steve could be the hardest working man in TV. He has a talk show, game show, movies, and a book.

Laila Muhammad takes us to Chicago to find out how the mogul makes it all work.

He's up before dawn on weekdays to host his radio show from Chicago.

He tapes his talk show three days a week, two shows per day. Then it's off to Atlanta to host Family Feud for three months over the summer.

Not to mention, he's a philanthropist, giving back to the community through programs like his mentoring camps for young men.

“A young boy without a father or a role model is like an explorer without a map. This thing manhood is too hard to figure out.

Life as Steve Harvey is full of long days.

In fact our interview almost didn't happen.

“If it wasn`t you who they told me it was when they pointed to you, this was not going to happen,” said Steve.

“Aww thank you,” said Laila.

“Yeah, because I`m tired. I`m exhausted, and it wasn`t going to happen.

“Well, I appreciate that,” said Laila.

“But I looked over and saw you and said, `I`ll do it,’” laughed Steve.


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