Fiancée of construction worker killed on the job wants answers

Posted at 6:54 PM, Nov 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-14 18:54:55-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Sharonita Cousin wants answers about how her fiance, Antonio Reid, got trapped under an excavator while at work yesterday and eventually died.

"I really don`t know the ins and outs of what happened. I don`t know.  No one should have to die like that. We`re waiting for the autopsy to come back. We don`t know," she told NewsChannel 3.

Virginia Beach fire officials tell NewsChannel 3 Reid was pinned under the machine, and eventually died of cardiac arrest.

Police say they have no new information on how he ended up under the excavator.

"It hurt my heart to hear that," Cousin said.

His fiancée says he's been a construction worker for several years, and it was a job he couldn't live with out.

"He talked about work all the time. He loved his job, he loved what he did. He loved to work with his hands," she added.

She says she's still waiting for his work day to be done.

"I was still waiting for him to come home. I`m still waiting for him to come home from work. When you`re used to someone coming home every day, it`s hard to not have them come, walk through the door, asking where my dinner is or why I didn`t cook," Cousin said.

And now, all she has are memories.

"He woke me up to give me a kiss every morning before he left for work. That was the last time I felt his touch."

And unanswered questions.

"I really don`t know how this could have happened. It hurts bad. It`s unreal. It`s just unreal."


UPDATE: Man dies after Beach construction site accident, victim identified