Man accused in murder of Ft. Eustis Soldier’s wife claims innocence

Posted at 9:57 PM, Nov 15, 2013

Nace Houchin says he wrote a confession note to police saying he killed Dana Mackay, but now he says that's all a lie.

Police say Houchin was with his wife Nicole when the two entered Dana Mackay's Teal Avenue home and murdered her, even cutting off one of her fingers.

“I was taking a bullet for her. I did write a confession letter but the whole confession letter was a lie, everything in it was just to make me look like I did it but in all reality I didn't do it,” says Houchin.

In July, Ft. Eustis soldier John Mackay confessed he and his girlfriend Nicole Houchin planned the murder of his wife Dana but that it was all a fantasy.

“And they want to put the blame on you?” asked NewsChannel 3’s Reed Andrews.

“That's what I think probably happened,” says Houchin.

Police say Nicole's husband Nace was there when Dana was killed inside her home, and was paid $20,000.

“Any money that was spoken about was between them two. I don't know anything about the money until afterwards,” says Houchin.

“So you're saying you were not there that night in July?” asked Reed Andrews.

“I was not there,” says Houchin.

The day after Dana was murdered, Nace says Nicole called him, saying she had died, but didn't mention any involvement in it.

Nace insists Nicole didn't do it.

“How do you think Dana died then?” asked Reed Andrews.

“I don't know. I have no idea,” says Houchin.

“At this point are you willing to go to jail?”

“Yes, I'm willing to go to jail for my wife,” says Houchin.

“Are you going to plead guilty in court?”

“No, plead not guilty. Cause I didn't do it,” says Houchin.

Nace says he and Nicole weren't behind it, but then said Nicole and John mentioned the $20,000 payment to kill Nicole so that he would take the fall.


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