New details emerge about deadly Dismal Swamp plane crash

Posted at 11:25 PM, Nov 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-19 06:40:20-05

We now have a clearer picture of how a single-engine plane crash landed into the Great Dismal Swamp all four people on board.

It was after missing his initial approach that led to the pilot of a Cessna 340A to crash into the Great Dismal Swamp in October.

The plane was mangled with pieces spewed all over the Great Dismal Swamp, and the four people inside died on their way from Florida to a family wedding in Chesapeake.

We now know what went wrong in the minutes before the plane crashed.

Around noon October 10th, Federal investigators say the plane missed the Hampton Roads Executive Airport on the first try. While trying to go back, the pilot lost control.

It took more than a day for the plane to even be located. Pieces of the wreckage stretched for nearly 500 feet.

For three and a half days, crews pulled the plane out of the swamp.

The impact created a 4-foot deep hole that was 8-feet wide.

Two couples died in the crash, they were Terry and Mary Ann Bradshaw and Charles and Diane Rodd.


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