Father of cold case murder victim: ‘I can’t see giving up’

Posted at 8:06 PM, Nov 25, 2013

NewsChannel 3’s Mike Mather first spoke with Al and Frances Walker last month. They asked him to help solve a painful family mystery. Their daughter Donna was murdered in her Norfolk apartment in 1981.

The Walkers say police never made any headway, and eventually, the Walkers lost faith in the detectives, but they never gave up on the idea one day they'd see justice for Donna.

“I can't see giving up. That was my daughter. I loved her. I owe it to her,” says Mr. Walker.

The Walkers turned to NewsChannel 3. Our investigation showed there was a chance the killer left behind DNA. Of course in 1981, DNA science didn't exist. But now, new DNA testing on old evidence can produce big breaks. That's what we asked the police to do. Days after our story aired, a police sergeant met with the Walkers.

“I told him all along I thought this was a solvable case from the beginning. And he said you are right, it is a very solvable case, and we`re going to do our best to solve it,” says the sergeant.

The police agreed to send the old evidence, including Donna's clothes, for new testing.

They're delighted police are taking another crack at the case, even if they had to come to NewsChannel 3 to get it done.


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