Is Black Friday really the best day to shop?

Posted at 12:17 AM, Nov 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-27 00:32:40-05

The rush of holiday shoppers may not result in a rush of bargains. The National Retail Federation reports 140 million Americans will either go to stores or shop online for sales over the Thursday to Sunday period. But few of them will find the deals they think they`re getting.

The financial website Nerdwallet analyzed the sales and reported that more than 90% of the Black Friday ads this year have the same prices for items they did on Black Friday a year ago.

What`s more, the site found Black Friday prices for some items advertised at other holiday sales for the same or even less money.

So before you head into the rush, think about what bargains you`re really hunting for.

Another financial site, BF ads, looked at which items not to buy on Black Friday. Topping the list is toys. The site reports prices on those typically drop two weeks before Christmas.

Winter clothing, which is in high demand, is also on the list, along with holiday decorations.

Electronics may be good buys, but accessories often are not and finally, fitness equipment. We might all be thinking about getting into shape after the holidays, but the analysts say it`s best to wait until then to buy the equipment.

The prices will drop just as we`re ready to drop the pounds.

So which day is the best to shop?

According to one tracking website, next Wednesday is the best day.

Shopper Trak says there are smaller crowds during the weekdays immediately following what's being called the 'Black Weekend.'

The website identified the 10 best days which included Wednesday, Dec. 4th, Tuesday, Dec 3rd and Monday Dec. 2nd.

You can wade through smaller crowds and deal with a more attentive staff.

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