Thanksgiving replaced by Black Friday

Posted at 11:41 PM, Nov 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-28 23:41:32-05

Virginia Beach, VA. - Black Friday is now just for leftovers. Retailers are letting people in on Thanksgiving.

"It was kind of annoying to speed through dinner to get here," said Natasha Dolson of Virginia Beach said.

"It was kind of a damper, it did kind of ruin my Thanksgiving with my family, but hey if you're saving some money. my family understands it," said Sean Nemo of Virginia Beach.

The line at Best Buy was shorter than past years, within ten minutes it was gone.
Over at Lynnhaven, the Toys "R"' Us let people in at 5 pm, and two and a half hours later parents still had to wait outside to get their kids toys.

"Luckily they're at grandma's house right now so we've got some time to get everything home," said Mark Cook of Norfolk.

Everything for Cook, is well almost everything the store had. A few hundred parking spots away at Walmart had many of their deals available at 8, but with the store already open, Derek Johnson had to kill time.

"Everyone was roaming the aisles," Johnson said. "We kind of came in, what I came in at exactly at 6 and just kind of weaseled my way through."