Marine Police, City of Norfolk visit ‘floating junkyard’ for potential violations

Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-11 19:23:56-05

Norfolk, Va. - The man at the center of the floating junkyard controversy finally surfaced. NewsChannel 3's cameras were the only ones rolling Wednesday as Timothy Mullane met with Virginia Marine Police and City of Norfolk officials at his property off Campostella Road.

The meeting comes a day after the Virginia Marine Resources Commissioner compelled his agency to take action against possible violations of boats encroaching on state-owned river bottom.

It’s the first time NewsChannel 3 has been able to speak with Mr. Mullane since we started investigating the boat blockade behind his property.

He wouldn't talk on camera, but maintains that he is not the owner of many of these dilapidated vessels, and all the boats he does own are in compliance.

Last week, Virginia Marine Police determined at least six of the boats behind Mullane's property are indeed sitting on state-owned river bottom.

One of them is the former USS Zuni, the ship that participated in the Coast Guard rescue depicted in the movie "The Perfect Storm."

The Zuni Maritime Foundation in Richmond, created to preserve the historic vessel, told NewsChannel 3 they used to own it, but sold it to Mullane a few years ago.

It's now up to the Virginia Marine resources commission to figure out if Mullane owns all these boats, so they can force removal.

It’s a process they expect will take months to complete.


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