City of Virginia Beach to change water disinfection process again

Posted at 2:32 PM, Dec 13, 2013

Virginia Beach, Va. – The City of Virginia Beach is once again changing its water disinfection process.

On Sunday night, December 15, the City of Virginia Beach, along with the Cities of Norfolk and Chesapeake, will resume the use of chloramine disinfection in the water distribution system.

In November, the Norfolk Moores Bridges Water Treatment Plant temporarily changed its water treatment process from chloramines to chlorine. The month-long change was a preventative maintenance measure to help maintain the highest possible water quality for residents.

During the transition back to chloramine disinfection, customers may notice Public Utilities staff flushing fire hydrants. This is done to facilitate the distribution of chloramines through the water system as quickly as possible. The flushing may result in temporarily discolored water, which is not harmful, but may discolor clothes if washed. Refrain from using the discolored water for a couple of hours and it will clear up, officials say.

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