Christmas Weather

Posted at 10:27 AM, Dec 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-17 10:40:31-05

A white Christmas? A warm Christmas? A soggy Christmas? We are still about a week away so the actual forecast is still to come, but let’s take a look at some past Christmas statistics.

Let’s start with the number one question… Will we have a white Christmas? It’s a rare thing to see in Hampton Roads, but not impossible. Since 1890, Norfolk has had 6 Christmas days with measurable snowfall and only 3 with an inch or more. The greatest snowfall was 2.4″ in 1947. Norfolk has also had 6 days with an inch or more snow on the ground for Christmas  morning. Based only on the climate data, there is a 5% chance of a white Christmas in Norfolk.

As you would imagine, rainy Christmas days are much more common. Since 1890, Norfolk has had 42 Christmas days with measurable rainfall. Based only on the climate data, there is a 34% chance of a soggy Christmas in Norfolk.

As far as temperatures go, it’s a 68° spread! The hottest Christmas day high temperature on record was 75° in 1964. The coldest low temperature was 7° in 1983. The average Christmas day in Norfolk brings a high of 50° and a low of 34°.

Christmas Day 2012: High of 53°, Low of 43°, No rain, No snow.

Christmas Day 2011: High of 57°, Low of 32°, No rain, No snow.

Christmas Day 2010: High of 37°, Low of 30°, 0.8″ of snow. (big snow the day after)

Christmas Day 2009: High of 58°, Low of 41°, 0.81″ of rain, No snow.

Christmas Day 2008: High of 66°, Low of 42°, 0.04″ of rain, No snow.

(Climate date from the NWS)

-Myles Henderson