Wounded Warrior fights for a proper fence for his service dog

Posted at 6:40 PM, Dec 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-23 18:40:13-05

Vern Williams showed NewsChannel 3 what he calls the shoddy fence built in his Moyock backyard.

The work was performed by "All About Fences Too" based out of Manteo.

“This is poor wood that they left, and it broke,” said Williams, shaking the fence like a leaf. “Tell me that’s supposed to hold.”

Williams needs the fence to be able to hold because it’s for his new service dog.

Williams is a decorated combat veteran who earned a purple heart after being blown up during a deployment to Afghanistan.

The blast left him with a traumatic brain injury, suffering from PTSD and relying on a cane to walk.

“Having a service dog will be very important,” said Williams.

Family and friends raised more than $11,000 for the service dog's fence through a Facebook campaign.

But now he is left with a fence he is not happy with.

“This is not going to hold, it’s going to fly away,” said Williams, who asked NewsChannel 3 to take action.

We immediately got on the phone with Jeff Densadene, the owner of “All About Fences Too,” and asked him about his company’s reputation, and why he wouldn’t make this customer happy.

“I feel when people take advantage of you, you have to draw the line somewhere,” said Densadene, referring to Williams. “Because he is a veteran, I think he is trying to scam me and get whatever he can get. I know it sounds bad, I know it sounds cold-hearted on my part but it’s not.”

When we asked him to promise NewsChannel 3 that he would fix the fence…

“Since you are taping me, I will say to the best of my ability,” said Densadene. “We will take care of it just to get rid of him and get him off my back.”

Densadene says his contracted workers will be back on the job next Monday.

NewsChannel 3 will be following up; to make sure this decorated veteran gets results.

“You guys are on it so far, I really appreciate it,” said Williams.