Shoppers flock to stores as retailers roll out after-Christmas sales

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-26 18:36:06-05

While the day after Christmas is a big one for returns, it's also a big day for sales. Retailers from Walmart to Macy's to Target rolled out big deals hoping to make up for slow sales during the holiday season.

"I think today, I think people are looking for bargains. I felt like there's a lot of things on the clearance aisles," says shopper Sherri Ruff.

Since Thanksgiving came late this holiday season, people had less time to shop for Christmas. So retailers say sales weren't exactly what they had hoped. After-Christmas sales are trying to make up for that.

"The crowd is the lines are very long, which I'm surprised because I'm a big shopper and I shopped before Christmas. I got in and out but today I stood in line for about an hour," Ruff says.

A pair of pajamas she bought before the holiday at full price, are now about $20 cheaper.

"My husband is not a shopper so he's going to see what he gets and he's going to get it and keep going, but I returned them today and repurchased them," she says.

Retailers say returns on the day after Christmas have actually gone down over the past several years.