Be aware of VDOT workers on area roads

Posted at 6:22 PM, Dec 27, 2013

It’s already a dangerous job, but for the VDOT Safety Service Patrol, this holiday season on the roads has been one of the worst ever.

“We have five accidents involving Safety Service Patrol in the last month, four while they were actively working accidents,” says VDOT Regional Operations Manager Kenneth Coody.

Coody says two of those workers were hospitalized after being hit – even though their lights were flashing and their orange cones were blocking traffic.

“They just weren’t paying attention. How else could you miss this truck, big arrowhead, flares on the road,” Coody says.

Virginia State Police senior trooper James Russo sees it all the time on the roads, drivers completely disregarding the state’s move over law.

“I would say less than 20 percent. Most people are not following the law or moving over for us,” Russo says.

That results in some close calls during traffic stops.

“The one I remember, the skid mark was six inches away from the car I stopped. So if I had not gotten over the hood, I would have been struck by the car,” Russo says.

So with several days left in this holiday travel week, they want drivers to simply pay attention and follow the law.