Caught on Camera: Subway worker fights off robber with a knife

Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 31, 2013

 Northwoods, MO – It was a very bad night for a would-be robber in Northwoods.

Police are searching for a suspect who tried to rob a Subway store December 26 around 5:30 pm at gunpoint, but was stopped short by an employee.

The dramatic showdown was all caught on tape.

In the surveillance video, take a look at the customer on the right side of the screen.

After everyone leaves, he places his order. But when it comes time to pay, the man shows a gun to the worker and demands money from the register.

The worker refuses and even points to the surveillance camera. The would-be robber jumped over the counter and starts to fight with the worker outside of the view of the camera. He even loses the gun during the fight.

After some time, the suspect emerges without his shirt or jacket, picks up the gun, climbs back over the counter and leaves, but not before the worker gets in a few jabs with a knife he’s holding.

Police say they believe this same suspect is also responsible for a US Bank robbery in St. Louis city on December 9th, and another bank robbery in Ferguson on December 19.