Friday Snow Q&A

Posted at 11:06 AM, Jan 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-02 11:18:32-05

Snow boots, Snow shovels, Sleds, Snow blower…. Don’t get too excited about Friday’s snow chances just yet. With the threat of snow in Hampton Roads we (meteorologists) always get a flood of questions about the system and what we will see. So let’s take a moment to answer a few…

When will the snow start? Rain will change over to snow overnight/early Friday morning. The transition will start to the north (Northern Neck, northern Eastern Shore) just after midnight. The transition will move south through the early morning hours. Our temperatures should be near or below freezing by sunrise so snow is possible across the board.

When will the snow end? Snow or rain/snow mix will become more scattered through the morning. All precipitation should move out by Noon.

Will everyone see snow? Almost everyone should see snow falling if you are up early enough Friday morning. (Note: See = observe snowflakes falling from the sky)

How much snow accumulation? When rain moves in before snow (like we will see today/tomorrow), it is difficult for snow to stick on rain soaked surfaces. Most of the area will see a dusting or less of accumulation. (Note: Less than a dusting would be no accumulation) Parts of the Middle Peninsula and northern Eastern Shore could see 1/2″ or so.

Will we have to go to school/work tomorrow? I don’t have the authority to make those decisions. :)  But we will have all closings and delays reported to us on NewsChannel 3 and WGNT from 5am to 9am.

Will the roads be bad? Regardless of snowfall, the roads will be wet and temperatures will be near freezing so icy spots are possible, especially on the bridges and overpasses. Will the roads be blanketed with snow? Highly unlikely.

Will we need time to scrape our windows? Just like the roads, with subfreezing temperatures and rain and/or snow, ice is possible. We are not looking at a sleet or freezing rain type of storm so I’m not expecting major icing issues. Maybe a quick scrape or windshield wiper swipe and a few minutes of defrosters and you should be on your way.

Will we have a chance for refreeze Saturday Morning? It’s possible. It will be sunny but VERY cold and windy Friday afternoon. So most spots should dry out. Any leftover puddles could refreeze overnight.

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