Denver real estate broker hires homeless to help them and his business

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jan 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-03 17:45:09-05

A real estate broker in Denver has found a way to help the homeless and his business at the same time.

A homeless man named Chris Rezac typically held a sign reading “I’m cold. I’m homeless. I’m hungry. Spare Anything” while standing on the corner of Speer Boulevard and Federal Avenue.

But Re/Max broker Joe Manzaneres now has Rezac holding a different sign. The new sign reads “No need for your cash! I’m sponsored by Joe Manzaneres!”

The sign also lists Manzanares’ Re/Max broker contact information. Manzanares tells KDVR that he had driven past Rezac many times, wondering how he might be able to help him in a more sustainable way.

“I started with $25. I said, ‘Here’s $25 and call me in the morning and you can count on me being here,’” Manzanares said. “So at least you know it’s there for sure.”

“This is a guaranteed paycheck everyday,” Rezac said.

Manzanares says he considers it more than just paying for marketing.

“It literally is kind of like a sponsorship,” Manzanares said. “I want to try and help him find a job.”

Manzanares has already helped Rezac with new clothes, meals and a trip to the barber. Now, after sharing his story on Facebook, he’s also getting him help with a cell phone, bus pass and resume. He’s even close to helping Rezac find a home.

“I’m actually a certified welder, certified forklift operator,” Rezac told KDVR. “To have the chance to get back on my feet, is something that I’ve been begging for for a long time.”

Joe says he hopes his idea gives Rezac and many others the second chance they need. He is now working with the mayor’s office and the Denver Homeless Coalition, to see if there is a way to expand the sponsorship idea.