Suffolk hunters want answers after dogs are found shot to death

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-06 23:33:09-05

Suffolk, Va. - It was the last day of deer hunting season and two men said their dogs were shot and killed Saturday. Both hunters say this was no accident.

"Other people that got dogs are very concerned if they turn my dogs out on deer and they run across this property, are they gonna get shot?" said Jimmy Byrd, a Suffolk Hunter.

Byrd's dog, Ace, didn't come back Saturday at dusk. He went looking for the hound, and using a tracking device pinpointed the canine, only to find him shot and struggling to stay alive.

"It don't look good, somebody shot him because he had blood all over his coat and everything," Byrd said.

Richard Albright's dog was also found dead near Byrd's. Albright was with his sons in the dark looking for his three-year-old hound Cadillac.

"Lying there, in pain, what went through my mind was did the dog think of us? Did the dog wonder if I was coming to get him?" Albright of Chesapeake said.

Suffolk Animal Control is investigating who shot the dogs. Both hunters think someone who lives along Box Elder Road shot their hunting companions.