UPDATE: Woman accused of putting infant under delivery truck, making bomb threat at TJ Maxx

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jan 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-10 23:42:01-05

Update: Police have now released the name of the woman who has been accused of making a bomb threat at a James City County TJ Maxx and abandoning children she was babysitting for a friend. 

They say the woman's name is Jessica Ann Ray. 

No further details about this case have been released. 

Previous: James City County, Va. - A 26-year-old Newport News woman is facing charges after police say she put an infant she was reportedly babysitting for a friend under a delivery van, abandoned two other small children, and made a bomb threat at a TJ Maxx store in James City County.

Police responded to reports about child neglect and a bomb threat in the 4600 block of Monticello Avenue at around 5:35 p.m. on Wednesday.

Police went out to the parking lot of Martin's Grocery store on 4660 Monticello Avenue. They say a witness told them they saw a woman who was acting strangely and carrying an infant. The witness says the woman put the infant under a delivery van and behind the vehicle's tire.

The witness intervened and says the woman ran away as he approached but then returned. As the witness began to interact with the woman, she pretended that she was deaf and could not speak. The witness then picked up the infant and then took the baby to his car to call for help.

The witness says when he picked up the infant, the woman screamed "He will kill us, you must put him back!" She then tried to take the infant from the witness. He refused and called 911.

Police say the woman then ran off into TJ Maxx and started screaming that the store was going to blow up in 29 seconds. She ran into the back storeroom and started to climb the shelves, officials say.

They say she kept screaming that the store was about to blow up and then ran out the front door. That's when officers confronted the woman. She started to take off her clothes and gave the officers a struggle but was eventually taken into custody.

The store was evacuated for two hours while crews searched the building. No explosives were found and the scene was declared safe. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Newport News Fire Department Bomb Squad, the James City County Fire Department and the Fire Marshal’s Office all responded to the scene.

Police say two other children, ages 4 and 5, were abandoned in the Burger King across the parking lot. They say this happened before the woman allegedly put the baby's carrier under the delivery van.

Police say the three children were reportedly left with the 26-year-old woman who was babysitting them while their mother, a friend, was at the hairdresser's.

No injures were reported and the children are now back with their mother.

The woman accused in this incident is now in custody and has been hospitalized pending a medical and psychological examination.

Charges are pending for making a bomb threat and three counts of child neglect.