Suffolk officer jumps into action to save woman’s life

Posted at 6:51 PM, Jan 09, 2014

Suffolk, Va. – A 38-year-old woman is alive today thanks to the quick thinking of a Suffolk police officer.

On January 4th, Officer William Bradshaw responded to a call about a woman who was suffering from cardiac/respiratory issues in the 100 block of Hamer Road.

When he got there, the woman was not responding and she was not breathing.

Police say the woman had been in a conflict with her family and that’s when she fell down and stopped breathing.

Officer Bradshaw then jumped into action. He performed a mouth sweep and did not find anything. He started rescue breathing and the woman then gasped for air.

Finally, after doing more mouth sweeps, the officer was able to remove large pieces of chewing gum that caused her to stop breathing.

She was able to breathe on her own and she was treated by EMS personnel.

The woman was then taken to Sentara Obici Hospital for more treatment.

“I am very proud of Officer Bradshaw for his quick thinking and his ability to effectively apply the training he was provided,” says Suffolk Police Chief Thomas Bennett.

He will be nominated for a Suffolk Police Department Life Saving Award police say.