This safe driving ad will give you the chills

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jan 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-10 16:20:32-05

NEW ZEALAND — What if two drivers could talk to each other  seconds before a terrible car crash?

A new safe driving video released by the New Zealand Transport Agency shows such a instance.

In the video, a father with his son in the back of a car pulls out into an intersection but realizes that an oncoming car is approaching faster than he anticipated.

Time stops.

The father and the driver of the other car get out and start talking to each other. The father pleads for the other man to forgive his mistake and stop before they collide. The other driver is sorry and says there is nothing that he can do saying he is driving too fast.

Both men get back into their cars with faces of angst and worry.

Time resumes and you see the terrible crash.

According to a statement from from the Transport Agency, the ad is aimed at otherwise careful drivers who sometimes drive “comfortably fast.”

“This campaign aims to reframe the way that people look at their speed when they’re driving. A person may be a good driver but they can’t deny that people do make mistakes,” the agency said. “We usually get to learn from our mistakes; but not when driving – the road is an exception. Even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life, or someone else’s.”