Health Department: Infant dies in Virginia because of the flu

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-16 17:59:14-05

NewsChannel 3 has learned that an infant in Northern Virginia has died from the flu in the last week.

This comes as North Carolina officials announce six more deaths there, meaning the flu has claimed 27 lives in the state.

The Norfolk Health Department says the season could be here for much longer.

" It could be as long as May, but again we never know. We never know how much it will linger," Flu tracker, Ana Colon told NewsChannel 3.

Colon says the flu season is October until May, and the worst could be yet to come.

"We`re now into January and people can think it`s too late, it`s over. It`s not over. Particularly in our area, the flu season tends to peak at the end of January, going into February... even through May," she said.

We asked Colon if it's too late to get the flu shot, and she said, "Oh dear it`s never ever ever too late. "

But, she adds that sicknesses this time of the year aren't always the flu.

"Everybody tends to attribute to flu because it feels like it. But there`s no way to confirm it unless everyone gets tested and that doesn`t happen typically," she added.

With the deaths in Virginia and North Carolina, and months left on this year's flu season, Colon still is encouraging everyone to get the shot.

"Since we never know how bad it can get, if you have not received that vaccine, just go ahead and get it," she said.