Beach city leaders say they are ready if snow falls this weekend

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-17 18:45:17-05

Road conditions are fine now, but they could be a concern if snow moves in this weekend.

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“People aren’t familiar with driving on it, and because there is a lot of moisture and because the way the winds can come in and shift direction, so we’re kind of prepared for everything all the time,” says Drew Lankford with Virginia Beach Public Works.

Lankford says the city has crews on call to treat the roads if we have any winter weather.

“We’ve got a snow plan that we’ve put in place. It’s updated every year, usually sometime around the middle of October we have all the trucks out, we do a run through, we do an inspection,  so we’re pretty much ready from November 1st on for any kind of weather.

In fact, the city has its salt and sand mixture ready to go.

“We’ve got three facilities around the city where we store the salt and sand mixture and we’ve got them to capacity right now. We’ve got some more on order should we need it. So we could have about four or five serious storms for the next four or five weeks and we’d still be in good shape,” says Lankford.

NewsChannel 3 also talked to VDOT and Elizabeth River Tunnels over the phone and they say crews will be on standby this weekend monitoring the weather.


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