Coast Guardsman sentenced for sexually related misconduct

Posted at 5:01 PM, Jan 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-17 17:01:13-05

Portsmouth, Va. – A Coast Guardsman learned his fate on Friday after he was found guilty of sexually related misconduct Thursday.

Petty Officer 1st Class Robert Crum was sentenced to a letter of reprimand, a $1,500 fine and a reduction in pay grade to E-4. He is also restricted to Base Boston for 60 days and hard labor without confinement.

He was administratively assigned to Coast Guard Base Boston while awaiting court-martial. Officials say he and the victim were both assigned to a shore-based Coast Guard unit in Minnesota when the incidents happened.

He was found guilty of cruelty and maltreatment, wrongful sexual contact, engaging in a broad spectrum of sexually-related misconduct involving one junior Coast Guard woman and false official statements made in 2013.

Officials say the incidents happened between Jan. 2011 and April 2012.