N.C. man convicted of credit card forgery in Virginia ABC stores

Posted at 10:29 AM, Jan 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-23 10:29:06-05

“Craig R. Pervis will never again enter any of Virginia’s 344 ABC stores.” That is just one of several conditions imposed last week by judges in Lunenburg and Mecklenburg counties for multiple felony indictments resulting from fraudulent credit card use.

Pervis, age 45, of Norlina, N.C., will serve four years and nine months in a Virginia Department of Corrections facility after being convicted of credit card forgery in two ABC stores.

Pervis manufactured a credit card bearing the stolen card number of a New Jersey woman and used the card on March 29, 2013 in ABC stores in Kenbridge and South Hill. He made two purchases in the amounts of $557.97 and $665.96 in the Kenbridge store and one for $620.87 in the South Hill store.

The credit card owner notified ABC store employees of the fraudulent charges the next day when the charges posted to her account. When Pervis returned to the South Hill store April 12, 2013, ABC employees recognized the North Carolina man and contacted local police who arrested him for the South Hill felonies related to credit card fraud.

The following day, an ABC special agent charged Pervis with four felonies related the fraudulent purchases in the Kenbridge ABC store. The agent linked the two crimes by requesting the store managers to review each other’s store video footage.

Pervis was served on the Kenbridge store charges April 13 while he was already being held without bond in the Meherrin River Regional Jail on the felony charges issued by the South Hill Police Department.

In addition to jail time and the ABC store ban, Pervis is required to pay restitution for the disputed charges and has been banned from entering Lunenburg County for a period of five years following his 2017 release.

Pervis will have to shop for his spirits in his home state of North Carolina, officials say.